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Flux Animation Studio is an award-winning character animation company, founded in 1997 by managing director and animation industry advocate, Brent Chambers.

From humble beginnings, Flux has grown into a world-class studio with over 20 talented designers, animators and directors producing international commercials, television series and films.

We are a design-led company with a stable of eight creative directors, each with their own unique style and vision, ready to add value and realise your creative project.

Flux’s team are driven to produce the best, from beautifully hand-crafted 2D through to the latest vector-based 2D and full 3D animation, innovative interactive solutions and more.

The studio boasts state-of-the-art technology and we employ both traditional and leading-edge techniques to produce projects of all sizes and for our clients.

As a leading Australasian studio, Flux has built a reputation for producing highest quality work. Many of our commercials, TV series and short films have appeared on small and large screens in many countries around the world.

*Send us your script today, or to request our latest reel please contact us.

And you are most welcome to visit us here in New Zealand, to see first-hand some of the fantastic work the Flux team is doing today, and to experience some of our world-famous Kiwi hospitality.

We look forward to seeing you!