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Cape Town, South Africa

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Fly on the Wall is a film making collective which became ‘official’ in 2004. Our first client was MTV Europe, they bought our spec campaign which is still running today. Since then Fly on the Wall have been working on local and international commercials, and making music videos for friends.

In 2009 Fly on the wall finished their first full length documentary on legendary Afrikaans punk rockers, FOKOFPOLISIEKAR which was a huge success!
It won best documentary voted by the audience at the Encounters South African Documentary Festival in 2009. It also made the official selection into the biggest documentary festival in the world, IDFA!

We make film because we have to, it’s the reason we get up in the morning.

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Quotable quote:

Film by nature is an illusion that tricks the mind. Persistence of vision allows us to record moments from the world. We are trying to find those moments and construct them in such a way that they persist beyond a 25th of a second.

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