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The FM 949 Mission:
1)It's About The Music:: Music is our priority. That's why we're here.
2)Listen to Listeners::Take input and then take actions.
3)Real Dejays:: our dejays know the music and have a say in what they play.
4)Music diversity::We will be open minded and play a wide rango of music.
5)Be local:: We will support San Diego and the local music scene.
6)Respect the music::We will not talk over the beginnings or ends of songs.
7)Take risks::We will not be afraid to push boundaries and champion good new music.
8)deeper tracks:: We will play more than just the hit singles form albums, both old and new.
9)Less Repetition::Although people want to hear their favorite songs more than once, we will try not to play them out.
10)Less commercials::Our listeners and advertisers both support what we do.With fewer commercials, listeners get more music and advertisers get their message heard.
11)When In Doubt:: SEE NUMBER ONE.

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