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We are creating an interdisciplinary team of designers working on visual art, using animation, graphics, typography, photography, films and music. We met in 2002 while working on a project for the magazine Moment. Since 2004 we have created an artistic group called Full Metal Jacket. We work on the design of editing (magazines, books and albums). We make covers for CDs, theatre and exhibition posters, logos, animations, TV clips and film and television trailers. Among our clients are the public TV channel TVP Kultura, the commercial channel Polsat, the film producers Film Polski, the Polish human rights foundation Fundacja Helsińska,  the Polish art foundation Ha!art, the state gallery of modern art in Toruń CSW Znaki Czasu, Sony BMG, the Polish trendy fashion company Prosto, the art magazine Piktogram and the designer Justyna Chrabelska. We also worked on some projects for Polish theatres: Teatr Wspólczesny in Wrocław, Teatr Wybrzeże in Gdynia, Teatr Rozmaitości and Teatr Żydowski in Warsaw.

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