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I'm a Steadicam Operator based in Vienna. Have worked on commercials, features, live shows and music videos.

I have been operating since 2008 / I'm a member of the Steadicam Operators Associaton and finally attended the SOA workshop in 2011.

With my Steadicam rig and Chrosziel focus system I can fly pretty much all cameras with every lens.

Cameras I have flown on my Steadicam:
ARRI Alexa
Canon C 300
IKEGAMI and SONY outside broadcast cameras
Sony PMW 350
Sony PMW EX3 (PRO 35mm P+S Adapter)
Sony FS700
Sony F3
Canon 5D Mark III / 7D
Panasonic HVX 200

Some studios I have worked for:
Good Food Studio
KEY TV Austria
Infamous picutes

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