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This Vimeo account has been created to share stories by communities that have given permission to the First Nations Technology Council to post on the fnbc.info Vimeo account.

The First Nations Technology Council (FNTC) was created by a First Nations Summit Resolution to develop a First Nations Technology Plan to ensure that all 203 BC First Nations:

-Are connected with high speed broadband;

-Have access to affordable, qualified technical support; and,

-Have the skills needed to access technologies that can improve their lives.

Subsequent Resolutions passed by the First Nations Summit, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and the BC Assembly of First Nations Chiefs have given FNTC the further mandate to:

-Develop an Integrated Information Management Strategy;

-Establish a Common Services Organization to support the development of technologies and applications in First Nations communities; and,

-Develop the Fully Integrated Technologies (FIT) Community Model.

PLEASE NOTE: FNTC is not claiming any credit for these videos posted. FNTC is sharing these videos as apart of the First Nations in BC shared stories and practices. fnbc.info

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