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  1. 02:10:00

    Web Videos

    by Focal Point Productions

    100 Videos

    Putting video on your website is a must have marketing tool. It tells potential and current customers what you do and how you do it. Not only can these videos be posted on your website, but you…

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    Weddings / Bar Mitzvahs

    by Focal Point Productions

    1 Video

    Focal Point got its start shooting weddings and bar mitzvahs. Our unobtrusive style to shooting these special occasions allows our videographers to get great natural shots. We use the latest in…

  3. 11:45

    Religious Videos

    by Focal Point Productions

    13 Videos

    Religious institutions are always looking for new members, raise public awareness, and promote their beliefs. Focal Point has helped both Jewish and Christian shuls and churches accomplish this by…

  4. 03:07


    by Focal Point Productions

    6 Videos

    Resume videos are primarily used for TV reporters or performers. But with the difficult job market, why not produce a video resume for any job.

  5. 02:19:31

    Special Events

    by Focal Point Productions

    26 Videos

    Focal Point started with shooting special events. At first these were weddings and bar mitzvahs, but now the field has grown to graduations, special events, performances, concerts, shows, receptions,…

  6. 22:12

    Commercials / Public Service Announcements

    by Focal Point Productions

    20 Videos

    Commercials and PSAs help businesses and non-profits quickly share their mission, services, and/or products. FPP has created these types of productions for a wide variety of clients.

  7. 48:07

    Architectural / Master Plan / Property Tours

    by Focal Point Productions

    33 Videos

    Often times the best way to tell a person what you want to do or what you can offer them is to show them. FPP has produced several property tours, master plan, and architectural videos for universities,…

  8. 00:00

    Aerial Video

    by Focal Point Productions

    4 Videos

    Focal Point Productions is proud to offer HD and SD aerial video and photography. The helicopter used by FPP is equipped with a gyro-stabilized, fully digital servo control system with an integrated…

  9. 02:06:23

    Training / Education

    by Focal Point Productions

    36 Videos

    Whether it be a training video for patients, doctors, students, or teachers, or an educational video for the general public, Focal Point has the combined resources to ensure these productions are…

  10. 01:10:44

    Non Profit

    by Focal Point Productions

    41 Videos

    Focal Point Productions specializes in creating videos for non profit organizations. Our small staff and extensive background in video production allows us to deliver high quality videos at a great…

  11. 03:04:53

    Marketing / Sales

    by Focal Point Productions

    77 Videos

    Rather then reading about it, show them! Instead of giving a potential customer a brochure or catalog, give them a video. Let Focal Point Productions put together a video for you that talks about…

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