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Born in Canada to Canadian/ Dutch parents, he grew up with seven brothers and sisters. Having worked his way through school he eventually completed his M.A. in International Business in a 2 year program which took him from Irvine, California to Shanghai, China.
During his second year in China he joined Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and became part of the founding group of China’s second English language TV station, International Channel Shanghai (ICS). From there he continued investing his time and energy into the Chinese television market, during which he was associate producer for live news, hosted on air programs, directed several shows, worked with international celebrities, was involved with the Shanghai International TV and film festival and wrote scripts for locally produced programming.
After several years in the Chinese TV industry he founded Folkstar Productions in Shanghai. A media production company with projects that include: working with international brand names on TVCs, promos, documentaries, animations and music videos. Aside from his work with his company, he also spends time using his talents to enhance his community, creating marketing and advertising campaigns for various causes.


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