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FOLLK is an Egyptian Studio that provides all media services with the highest quality.
Let us explain our name first and where it came from, Follk is an old arabic word, that means Big Ship.We all work for the same purpose to reach the same goal and it's with every and each one's efforts that we make it through all the market storms and witness all the success stories we witnessed, specially ours.

Our Team
We are one of the most creative animation teams in Egypt, we believe that animation is an important tool to develop human senses. we are backed up with 10 years of experience, and a huge range of creative ideas.

We are strong believers in the fact that animation is the easiest and the most smooth way to deliver messages for all people despite their race, colour or nationality. Cartoon touches all.
Our team members come from an artistic background, they are very skillful and hardworking and they are our most valuable asset. having them we are more than ready to compete in the global animation media services.

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