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At the end of his presidential mandate sin 2007, President Jacques Chirac declared his intention to “serve differently“. His commitments, based on his personal vision of Man and the world, perdure through the Fondation he created in 2008 and which is state-approved as a non-profit organization by decree on March 7, 2008.

Unlike NGOs – which the Fondation does not want to replace, preferring to support their field programs – the Fondation Chirac spends most of its resources on advocacy campaigns and the creation of programs that unify and mobilize other actors.

As the Fondation of a former President of the French Republic, its role is to spotlight and relay effective programs that are being carried out and which could become solutions on a larger scale. Protecting biodiversity, dialogue between cultures, environmental protection… Answers to these challenges are multifaceted and so the Fondation Chirac takes action in a multitude of ways.

The Fondation Chirac brings together men and women from every continent, determined to act alongside the President Chirac, all striving for peace.

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