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Timothy Fontaine Jr. Award winning Director/ Cinematographer of the Robert Anthony Award for his 2013 Drama Thiller " Split Second ". Born & Raised out of Chester Pennsylvania and a graduate of John Bartam High School. He was introduced to a video camera by accident at very young age and fell in love with the endless creative avenues of film. He entered and won his first video contest at the age of fourteen and his peers were convinced that he was in a class of his own and went on to have a great learning experience and career in film and post production. He then found out that filming was just one vessel of many in the film industry.

He went on to do mind blowing and realistic special effect such as: Compositing Muzzle Flashes, liquid-fire, Explosion, Sparks, Dust waves, bullet holes, Ground Cracks, Glass breaks, Face Morphing, 3D Integration, Cloning, Green Screen Integration, Street Explosion with Fireballs, Time Remapping, and Building Collapse Scene with Sparks & Debris. With over 500 elements he developed the unique ability to bring real life phenomena into motion design work and impress his viewers with exciting designs that made them say “Was that real?”. Director Rich Murry and CEO of Attention Films took notice of Timothy’s work and hired him for a Video Compositing job to perform a special effect on the set of music video for Universal and his finished product blew Rich away!
“You can go to school and learn about film but school can never teach creativity! You ether have it; or you don’t and this kid has it!” Rich Murry CEO- Attention Films

From there Timothy has went on to own FONTAINEVISION FILM GROUP ,which has produced numerous Music Videos, Short Films, Promo Videos, Movie Trailers, Sports Reels, Book Trailers, Infomercials, and Motion Video Design for clients such as: Jamie Foxx, Sean Puffy Combs, Jermaine Dupree, Nikki Minja,Kevin Heart, Mike Epps,Bill Bellamy, Buckwild,Black Wallstreet,, Urban Network, Universal, 906 Muti-Media, Philadelphia Films Inc., Philly2night.com, Platinum Camp Productions, TLG, LLC, Black and Gold Worldwide, Sky Kings Inc. B.D.P., Noble Phila. Police League.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates 12

This is a FONTAINEVISION channel for all bodies of video work. Feature Films, Reality Shows short films ,sketchs..
Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, Premire, 3dmax, Bujio, FXHome, Green Screen Work and many,many more.

Tim Fontaine (Creative Media Pictures) Films (postediting,director,producer,audio editior, writer and last but most important Special Effects Producer.

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