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FoolishPeople create film, immersive theatre and books. We engineer unique experiences that have the power to raise the numinous within the spectator.

FoolishPeople was founded by John Harrigan in 1989. We actively engage audiences through immersive theatre, live cinema, ritual and independent film. Spectators must choose their own journey without guidance, which challenges their habitual way of watching art and entertainment in a passive manner. We have been commissioned by the BBC, ICA and Secret Cinema, and have produced our work for conventional theatres, galleries and site-specific venues. FoolishPeople are based in London.

A writer, possessed by a terrifying story hunts for its secret heart in a mysterious landscape. He journeys into unknown, dreamlike places, haunted by the infamous Hum emitted from a strange factory.

Become part of the ‘Strange Factories’ story via the magic mirror of the silver screen to discover the truth every imagination hides.

The ghosts of the silver screen will join you in a mysterious ritual that will align you with the ancient paths of Die Geisteweige and immerse you in a film filled with magic, obsession and mystery.

Who is the infamous Stronheim? What exactly is the purpose of his hidden factory? And why have four performers fleeing from a burning theatre become enmeshed in the primal struggle of a story giving birth to itself?

Strange Factories draws on ancient theatrical traditions and mystical exploration, to wrench at the heart of what it means to be human.

Will you allow it to show you the wonder behind the moving pictures - the dreams of violent imagination?

Will you permit FoolishPeople to conjure for you, as darkness falls, and the lights go down?

Not everyone can survive the violence of Creation.

‘Strange Factories’ was released on Saturday 26th October 2013 at The Cinema Museum London within theatrical live events running until the 9th November 2013 and a following tour until the end of November 2013.

The last show of the 2013 season has closed, but this doesn't mean that you've seen the last 'Strange Factories'.

For those of you who were unable to enter Stronheim's Factory of Moving Images, we're pleased to say that the ending is just another beginning. Faith after all, is a wound that takes a lifetime to die from and we hear that 'The Society of Imaginari' is already recruiting a new Guild Master. Stories travel faster through flesh.

‘Strange Factories’ is available to buy and download right now via VHX.

We look forward to sharing what we have planned with you for 2014 soon.

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