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Footage Worldwide has compiled an impressive resume of work for over 10 years. Starting out as a music video production company Footage Worldwide quickly became a staple in both the U.S. and Canadian music industry working with some of the biggest artists in North America. Their down to earth and organic style of production made the company very popular amongst A-list artists and Indie artists alike.

As the industry evolved with technological advancements Footage founders Martin Verigin and St. Chris decided to grow the company into a visual marketing and branding company. Today we specialize in film, commercials, corporate projects, music videos, design, photography and marketing consulting. Footage Worldwide continues to work with everyone from the relatively unknown to some of the industry’s biggest names.

We take pride in delivering a quality product to our clients and always show professionalism when working on projects. Our vision has always been the same; using visuals to tell stories and paint pictures like art.

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