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I am a writer, photographer, and researcher. I work with marginalized forest communities living within and on forest fringes to document local ecological knowledge and its significance to conserving both communities and forests.

I have a passion for working with others and believe that images, moving or still, can change the world. To help pay for my efforts, I routinely take on special projects relating to my mission and vision. These projects include special research projects concerning high conservation value forests, community forestry, auditing coffee, tea, and banana farms, and projects that concern resource management. I have ten years of experience in the tropics, most notably in the Philippines as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Malaysia as a Fulbright Scholar, and Costa Rica as a teacher.

My archival photographic prints are collected world-wide. Join me as I celebrate challenges forest communities are facing by watching our videos that is the work of Forest Voices, a not-for-profit organization based in Malaysia. Join our tribe and find out more by writing me at

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  2. Thanks for liking this video I produced.