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In the midst of a raging storm, a rainbow sometimes show's it’s face, and in that moment we see how truly awesome God is, and marvel at his power, compassion, love and discipline.
National recording artist, “Forever”, comprised of Super Producer and Artist Steve-T and Talented Songwriter/Artist Milley-Boy have traveled a long broken road of challenges, yet, through those challenges found salvation in the music, brotherhood, motivation, a life’s passion, and most importantly redemption through Christ.
Both St. Louis Natives, Steve-T and Milley-Boy’s parents had been long time friends, but there was a sudden separation in fellowship when Milley-Boy’s parents gave their lives to Christ, while Steve-T’s parents continued in secular living. We all face trying to make it in a harsh, unforgiving world alone. Steve-T, one of 11 siblings who grew up in a 3 bedroom apartment, where they lacked resources, attention, and nourishment, struggled through adolescence desperately trying to survive. Across the city, Milley-Boy, however, grew up in church and was raised with knowing the reality God, had everything a child could want but had a life filled with a lack of love, compassion, and attention.
Both grew up falling into pits of drugs, alcohol, sex, fast money, and adolescent fatherhood, using them as coping mechanisms just to get by…. Steve began to gain success as a producer and was signed to a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records. Milley-boy, still hustling, using drugs, and pushing Christian music at the same time, was offered a deal as well but something was changing… Milley-Boy began to follow the teachings of Christianity and eventually whole-heartedly surrendered his life to Christ. Steve, now signed and producing began to experience the reality of life and success without Christ. He then started to seek the Lord as a result of the life he saw Milley-Boy pursuing. Milley-Boy, finally tired of living the life he had created, took on the daunting task of teaching and discipling Steve-T. Through this, both the passion for music and lives were threatened, but through Christ a road to redemption was found.
Forever embarked on creating a new lane of positive Christ centered music coined “Freedom Music”. With a faithful following of thousands of new fans, and music that rocked not only souls but moved feet, Forever began to see the impact of their music. With their unique blend of southern based, hard hitting, crunk fest assembly of high hats and 808’s, the movement has caught fire and continues to grow rapidly. In January of 2011 the movement became official when Forever linked up with budding entrepreneurs Marvin Blake and Andrew Cleveland and signed with their St. Louis based record label Kingdom Nation, thus the take over begins and Get Free Music was born……

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