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For Now Productions is an independent production company created by Nate Locklear. Nate specializes in film and video pre, pro and post production in the Austin, TX area.

Currently For Now Productions is producing a 12 part series and media project titled Once You Leave (

Once You Leave:
Lost and alone, Kayla must contemplate her next move. Where do you go when the road has run out? How did she get here? She retraces her steps, haunted by shadows of her past and confronted by demons in her present. On the road she must face the reality of lost, unrequited love, the dark hearts of men and dream-shattering disappointment. Will Kayla find the strength to go on, to find herself, to find her home?

They say you can never go home again, once you leave.

Nate also worked as d.p. and co-producer on the hit PBS show The Daytripper ( for which he won an Emmy® in 2010 and 2011.

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