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I am trying to use advanced api to write with this code: gist.github.com/wesleywillians/4ac3dec72e7f91353c5f

After the redirect from confirmation of auth in vimeo, I can see that was no authenticated. I receive this return:

Array ( [401_Unauthorized_-_Invalid_signature_-_The_oauth_signature_passed_was_not_valid_] => )

I dont think i did something wrong. All info was passed.

Is there any tipo to help with this issue?

Link: gist.github.com/wesleywillians/4ac3dec72e7f91353c5f


WebMedley PRO

I'm getting this for literally EVERY call through the API. I even get it when I use the playground here on Vimeo. Also doesn't matter if I authenticate with my account or not which tells me there's a systemic issue occurring with the API.

How do we go about getting help these days?

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