Matt Kenefick

Matt Kenefick Alum

I actually did have a couple on private by accident. But now it's capping off at 20. Still missing 12. Is there are 20 video limit in the feed?

If so, is there a parameter I can add to have it show all or show up to 50 or so?

I need the names with the ID# which the Simple API gives me. It's also nice to just run a file_get_contents on the URL string. I'd rather NOT have to setup all the API just to get a list of videos.

Also, when I do the getList with the API, it gives me the names but NOT the ID#.

The whole thing is a just a huge screwup. It won't give me what I need.

Brad Dougherty

Brad Dougherty Staff

The Simple API will only return 20 per page, but you can pass it the "page" parameter to get subsequent pages.

In order to get more than 20 per page, you would have to use the Advanced API, which allows for a maximum of 50 per page.

The Advanced API should give you the video ID. Can you give me the exact URL you were calling that didn't have this info?

Matt Kenefick

Matt Kenefick Alum

Thank you Brad. I didn't realize you could pass the "?page=2" parameter directly to the Simple API. This will work just fine!

I'm all set now. :)

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