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I was trying to set title to video using "PATCH"

It throws error "The user is not allowed to perform that action. [Your access token does not have the "edit" scope]."

Any specific settings or permission required to do this?


Any other api to do this?

Can we set title and description while uploading video, instead of making another api request for edit ? (Upload scope available, but editing scope not available)

Aaron Hedges

Aaron Hedges Staff

The real issue here is that the tokens we provide on your app page don't immediately provide edit scope.

We plan on providing a UI to request tokens with different scopes in the future.

In the meanwhile, you can contact support and ask for us to update the scopes for you (please do not provide the whole token. Send us the app id, the user id, and the last 4 characters of the token).

You can also generate the token yourself using one of our official libraries : These all have authentication examples which you can easily modify to log out access tokens.

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