Thomas S. Butler

Thomas S. Butler

I know this might sound like taking a trip to the moon, but I was just wondering if it would be possible to embed something like a "shortcode" (as in WordPress) into a video to pull live data from jQuery/Ajax using JSONP. Specifically, if it would be possible to update dynamically the current "font count" from Google fonts into the video like I posted (look at time index 0.33)

It would be super awesomesauce if the count on the video could match the Google Web Fonts collection (number of available fonts) in real-time without editing the video. Like I said, vaction on the moon anyone? Or is this actually possible?


Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

We don't have anything that would let you overlay text like that, but perhaps tied with some other script/HTML you could have a CSS or animation overlay on top of the video that is triggered when the player reaches a certain timecode.

A vacation on the Moon sounds nice though.

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