Manton Reece

Manton Reece

After an upload finishes, I call checkUploadStatus (succeeds), and then turn around and set more data on the clip with setTitle, setCaption, and setTags (each one after the last completes). About 15% of the time, one of those "set" calls will fail with code=1, "Clip Not found. Either it doesn't exist, or the current user doesn't have permission.".

Because the failure is so inconsistent, it almost feels like there is some timing issue on the servers (e.g. I'm getting routed to another server which doesn't know about the clip yet).

This is a desktop application. Any ideas for a work-around or whether this is a known issue that is being worked on?


Andrew Pile

Andrew Pile Staff

The entire upload API is being re-written to make it more consistent with how our own uploader works, and should fix issues like this. Right now API uploads go to a different endpoint which is sometimes unreliable. We expect this to be out in the next month.

Manton Reece

Manton Reece

Thanks Andrew. Looking forward to the new version.

I assume the spec for the API itself will remain unchanged, and that this is purely an implementation rewrite? If you expect compatibility issues with existing apps, I'd love to see an announcement when it goes live so that I can get in front of any problems before my customers hit it.

Brad Dougherty

Brad Dougherty Staff

There will be an update to the API coming that will change the spec for a number of things, but the upload API won't change significantly (just the names of the methods).

There will be advance notice, and the old version will still be around for a little while.

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