Andrew Hodgkinson

Andrew Hodgkinson

This isn't an API question really, but this seemed to be the most appropriate forum for it anyway. Sorry if it's in the wrong place!

I'm creating an open source Ruby On Rails-based multi-vendor e-commerce site which, among other things, allows vendors to "sell" things like dance performances. Thus the system supports the inclusion of videos from various sites. Vendors create representative videos of their work and include them on product pages to encourage the purchase of performance commissions.

The site shows small thumbnails for static images, which if clicked upon, pop up the full size version via a Lightbox-like script. For consistency, the same scheme is used for videos. I'd like to have a small Vimeo logo shown for the thumbnails initially - development timescales are tight, so writing code to use the Vimeo API to ask for a "real" video thumbnail can wait for now (besides, users with JavaScript turned off would only ever see the static thumbnail image).

Would it be OK to use a scaled down version of, say, "";, or some other recognisable Vimeo-related image, for this purpose?

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