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I searched and only found this topic...

...but the Hubnut widget doesn't do exactly what I need/want.

I just need to embed the newest video from a channel by itself (doesn't need to auto play). It doesn't need to show any other videos along with it, or any text.

Is there a way with the simple API or any ability to modify the Hubnut widget to trim it down?

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You can grab a list of the videos in a channel using the simple api, then use that information to embed that video (you could construct the embed code yourself, or use oEmbed to do it.)

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We needed a feature like this as well. Old topic, I know, but I have a response to it for anyone else who really needs this feature…

Until a widget like that is implemented (hoping there will be!), there is a Javascript way of making this feature. Real basic API and oEmbed calls can produce this. Using JQuery is the simplest coding approach. Take a look:



So, 1. Add jQuery to your page (recommended you download your own jQuery file, but that hotlink will work as well),
2. Replace the phrase 'your-user-name' with a real user name,
3. Edit the oEmbed url as you see fit to customize embed options (in this example, I told it to hide the byline and user portrait). You can read all about those options in the oEmbed documentation.
4. Edit the 'vimeoDescription' section anyway you see fit. In fact, edit anything as you see fit. This just implements basic functionality and includes a couple oEmbed options as an example.

IF you are already implementing JQuery, or just want to implement something fast, or simply don't mind the very very slight performance drop from using JQuery, then the above code will do quite fine.

Note that this solution does not include an error-handler (getJSON doesn't support one). In this case, I do not want the user receiving error messages anyway.

If you don't want JQuery, or want error handling, you can certainly implement your own optimized JSONP parser, just use similar API calls. The first one gets the video ID and url, the second one gets all the details.

Hope this helps someone else out there...



thanks it works for me : )

I like to change the "vimeoDescription" text to white. What would be the correct syntax for:

div id="vimeoRecent">Loading video...< /div >< div id="vimeoDescription">< /div


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