The Walla Recovery

The Walla Recovery


i am able to feed my clips xml into a flash movie via php. and i'm able to convert the clip_id into a usable url like so:

but, i am unable to load the vimeo swf at that url into my flash site.

by taking a look at my safari's activity monitor, i can see that the correct url is being retrieved successfully, and i can visit that url and watch the vimeo swf i'm trying to load; however, when the moogaloop.swf loads into my own swf, i get strange results: no video is present, none of my parameters are obeyed, and any text is replaced with 'Filler text'.

here is a screenshot of the result:

any help would be greatly appreciated. blessings...

Andrew Pile

Andrew Pile Staff

I don't quite understand what you're doing. Do you mean you're trying to load other FLVs into the moogaloop SWF? Can you post an example page or a code snipped to clarify?

The Walla Recovery

The Walla Recovery

thanks for replying...

to answer your first question: i'm not trying to load flvs... just the normal vimeo swf, (like the first url i entered in my original post, above).

basically, i have a flash site, which is made up of a base swf, which loads various additional swfs, which are the 'pages' in my site. one of those additional swfs it loads is just a simple flash movie designed to get my vimeo xml and pull my latest video swf into itself.

however, when i run this actionscript:


i get weird results, as seen in the screenshot you'll see in my first post. 'placemat' in the snippet above is just a movieclip in my swf.

after further discovery, i've realized: it's as if i'm getting the moogaloop swf with no clip_id passed to it, even though i am passing it the clip_id. here's another screenshot to illustrate:

make sense? thanks again!

The Walla Recovery

The Walla Recovery


the following actionscript seems to work fine:


but it still doesn't work when i try to load the vimeo swf into any kind of a holder mc inside my base swf.

weird. any suggestions?

Casey Pugh

Casey Pugh Alum

I believe the problem you are encountering is that you should be using MovieClipLoader, not loadMovie. You should also make sure that the container that you load into has _lockroot = true.

If you do all that, it should work fine locally, but you'll run into problems if you try to test it online since not everyone is allowed through our cross-domain policy. We might allow exceptions and maybe eventually use a * wildcard in the future, but for now we are strict.

The Walla Recovery

The Walla Recovery

MovieClipLoader is having the same problems. Thanks for the _lockroot tip... I will try that.

All Our Noise

All Our Noise Plus

Hey, Casey or Walla - any chance that * wildcard has been activated yet? If not, how can we as users get our domain added to the policy? Is there an appeal process? Or a way around this by now? I'd like to start using our Vimeo videos in other flash files:


I would think that Vimeo could at least add some known domains such as,, and other social networking sites where they might expect people to upload customized uses of flash. Then again, if those custom flash pieces are hosted elsewhere, it won't matter because vimeo can't know everyone's domain.

I vote for the star (*)! Let's make it happen!


Earth Institute

Earth Institute Plus

Hi Viemo folks,

We've got a Flex application for browsing our photos and we're hoping to expand it to allow our users to browse our videos on Vimeo. Can we embed the Vimeo swf in our Flex app? From this conversation, it sounds like that's a no go.

We'd rather embed the swf into our Flex app than use the embed link to put the video in our HTML. Doing the latter would require using AJAX to switch the videos in and out when the users browse through them. Is this possible?


-Earth Institute Web Team

Daniel Isaksson

Daniel Isaksson

Please!!! Add the wildcard (*) to the crossdomain.xml file.
We are using the chromeless YouTube player in our Flash/as3 site and would like to add Vimeo as well.

randy spizer

randy spizer

and can we do the same for images.vimeo

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