The Walla Recovery

The Walla Recovery

this is weird.

i've got a flash site that loads the vimeo moogaloop to dynamically display all my client's videos.

the first video plays just fine. however, any subsequent videos, to which i navigate from inside my flash site, don't play, but show an error bubble with no error message in it!

upon looking at my safari's activity window, one line had an error; the following:

can't find host

here's my question: if the first video loads, and it's moogaloop finds ''; just fine, why are any moogaloops loaded afterwards adding an additional 'http:' after ''; when they look for vimeo's crossdomain file?? especially since i am unable remedy this by specifying the location of vimeo's crossdomain file???

please note: my flash movie is not trying to access the vimeo api xml directly. i'm using a php script to load the xml data. still, the only apparent reason why the subsequent videos aren't loading is that their moogaloops are looking for the wrong crossdomain file!

any help from a flash pro or vimeo staff member on this would be greatly appreciated. merry christmas!

Ted Roden

Ted Roden Alum

You mention that you're not using the api but you're using "a php script to load the xml data." Where are you getting that XML from?

Also, flash itself loads the crossdomain.xml file, it's not a specific function of our moogaloop player. I've asked our main flash developer to look at this thread too, he may have some insight.

Casey Pugh

Casey Pugh Alum

Technically, the Moogaloop player should not work at all if you do not have permission in our crossdomain policy. I've played around with embedding Moogaloop into Flash before and with out the crossdomain permission created the same type of quirkiness you are experiencing.

We don't support embedding our player into Flash at the moment, but we'll announce if we plan to change it.

The Walla Recovery

The Walla Recovery

thanks for replying...

i am using the api. my flash movie calls a php script which accesses the api and feeds back my own xml.

i hear what you're saying about your crossdomain policy. here's the interesting thing: the first video (no matter which one i choose) loads correctly. it's only the 2nd and subsequent attempts that fail.

correspondingly, i have discovered this by studying the activity log of my browser while testing the site: it appears your crossdomain.xml isn't requested on the first chosen video. it's only on the 2nd and subsequent attempts that it's requested (and requested incorrectly, as 'vimeo.comhttp:/crossdomain.xml';). strange...

i'd be happy for you to check out my work and see what i've been talking about in action:

so i have to ask this next question... what does it take for a guy to be added to your crossdomain policy? is it possible for my project to be considered something that could further the use of vimeo on the web?

i did read this article online which shed some light on the subject: (...unfortunately, it's impossible to get the video you want without passing get parameters to the moogaloop).

once again, i am very grateful for your time & energy. and i'm very appreciative of everything that vimeo is, thanks to you guys.

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