We are using Vimeo PRO API to embed the videos our users submits thought our website and the Vimeo API.
We have an issue with the default frame selection for the thumbnail because we cannot choose it after encoding (the thumbnail is directly sent to our website and we cannot change it).

So we'd like to set the default frame Vimeo takes for all our videos.
Is it possible via the API ? How ?

Thank you for your answer,


Brad Dougherty

Brad Dougherty Staff

Hi Cédric,

We do not have this functionality in the API now, but we are considering it for the future.


Exhibit-it Plus

Can someone please reply to my comment below? It's been 3 weeks now and nothing…??


Exhibit-it Plus

Can you please provide an option for setting the default thumbnails as soon as possible?

Since the change recently that allows you to scrub the timeline for your thumbnail, the default thumbnail now selects a random image from the video. The default thumbnail used to be set to the starting frame, which makes the most sense, since most productions put a lot of thought into the leading images of their videos.

EASIEST OPTION - provide a new Video option in My Settings to set the default thumbnail to the starting frame or a random frame.

ADVANCED API OPTIONS - either of these would be OK, though the first option would best as it eliminates the need to upload additional files.
1. vimeo.videos.setThumbnailframe - to assign a specific time frame from your video timeline
2. vimeo.videos.addThumbnail - to upload your on thumbnail

We are about to launch our new site later this month and Vimeo plays a major role in our site concept. Being able to set the default thumbnail to the starting frame was one of the main reasons why we chose to go with Vimeo over YouTube. We really need to have some consistent way of setting our member's feature image in all embedded videos for within our site and anywhere else they get shared.

Thanks in advance, Alan



Exhibit-it Plus

I'm still waiting for someone to reply to this post, and now the situation has got worse. Now instead of a random frame from the video, the default thumbnail is the multi-coloured Vimeo bars.

When will there be an API option for setting the default thumbnail? I can't be the only person requesting a developer option to set the default thumbnail.

Please reply with a solution…

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