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we have uploaded a test site with embed code via the Vimeo Pro Interface. It works perfect with iPhone 4, 4s and iPad 2. But not with Android (Samsung Smartphone).

What could be the problem?

TennisGate ltd

TennisGate ltd PRO

the problem is the old flash version that you are using. None of the andriod phones or tablets which are using Version 10.2 are compatible with the vimeo videos. Can you fix this ?

Ryan Hefner

Ryan Hefner Staff

Hey TennisGate ltd,

That shouldn't be the case. Flash content published for anything 10.2 or less should playback fine. Are you seeing this issue on, or somewhere else? If somewhere else, could you please include a link?

Thanks, Ryan

Property Vista Software Inc.

Property Vista Software Inc. PRO

I am having the same issue... we just launched our website and our videos won't load on Samsung Galaxy either... this is a real issue

Brand Cool Marketing

Brand Cool Marketing Plus

We are seeing this issue, also. Have tested the page with embed code on a Samsung Galaxy, Moto Droid Incredible, and a second Moto Droid model unknown, as well as a Barnes & Noble Nook Color. Fails in all cases. Videos can be viewed on or on the Vimeo mobile site.

So, from our perspective, Vimeo does not support embedding on Android.

Here's the page we're trying to make work:
... may have scratch video on it; also may cease to not work if I figure out a workaround. Currently embedding using the "new embed code", though I've tried side-by-side comparisons using new and old. (Old simply leaves a big block of empty space.



I noticed the same issue on my droid 2.2. The old embed code from Vimeo worked on Android but not Ipad, now it is the other way around... Excellent :)

What I do to bypass this problem. is place logic in my code that when it notices that the HTTP AGENT is Android, to use the old code (see #1 below) , else use new code (#2) - since I cannot enter the HTML code below (Vimeo does not allow), you will need to Google search the exact code spelling, but you will get the basic idea below.

1) the OLD code that worked with Android but not Ipad is as follow:
object width="400" height="225" ... param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /....param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" ....param name="movie" value="

2) the NEW code that works with IPAD and everything except Anroid is as follow:
iframe src=" ...

So you will need something like:
code (1) above
code (2) above

That means you need some basic coding skills and pages that support dynamic logic, HTML pages won't allow IF ELSE statements :(

You can check my site for code sample, just view source on your Android and/or Ipad of:

sylvain solaro

sylvain solaro

hum with my iphone, your site say:
"Boo-Hoo this video can't be played with your current setup"

Nicolas Argote

Nicolas Argote

Hi there guys and girls in the developing team, preaching to the... Just tested the page with the Vimeo video in my android device.

Thanks to google I know know that most of my traffic comes from mobiles... So I had to make sure it displays well and I got this message " Boo-Hoo this video can't be played with your current setup." Youtube is working fine on the same device since I do 2 versions just in case...

Is there way you could update the embedded code or maybe give me a hand.





I'm getting this errror when I try to play video "Oops Something broke.Please try again later ! " .My Android version 4.0.1 and flash player is 10.2



Same issue for me!

Bruno Mandolesi

Bruno Mandolesi PRO

Hi Vimeo, is Android such a little plattform you do not care?
as a mobile developer this is very frustrating!

Liz Summers

Liz Summers

FWIW, my YouTube embed code is not working on Android either. HTC Thunderbolt with updated Ice Cream and Kindle Fire idea the OS on the Fire. The YouTube worked on the Thunderbolt before the great OS update...but I like the update.

Anyway, I'm suspecting Flash Player, not Vimeo/YouTube.

Fitness Institute

Fitness Institute PRO

Hi guys,

Same for me. I cannot view embedded Vimeo or Youtube Videos on my Samsung Galaxy SII on most web pages (Chrome and the Default browser)...however works fine on an iphone (Safari) and also on other platforms. Note, on my Samsung phone, everything works Directly from Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube including the YouTube and Vimeo App! Just not when embedded into other web pages.

In most cases for YouTube Videos, I get a black box and then for Vimeo Videos, I get this message, "This video can't be played with your current setup. Please switch to a browser that provides native H.264 support or install Adobe Flash Player." Hopefully we get a solution shortly for this.


Piquant Plus

I'm having the same problem on the new Galaxy S4. We as a company are trying to make a decision on what platform to go with, I was pushing for Vimeo but this is a big concern. Is it being fixed?

Sencit Music

Sencit Music PRO

it would nice to have a resolution to this ASAP for our site's launch...please!



Are there any updates on this Vimeo?

Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton PRO

I need to get this fixed as well. I just subscribed as a Pro member to get my universal player to work and switch on any device and I can't get anything to play. It keeps telling me to get a player that supports H.264 or Flash.

If this doesn't get resolved I guess I will have to find other means to play my videos. It doesn't make sense to just use them for the link to the video when I can do that from anywhere.

Vimeo, do you have any suggestions?

Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton PRO

UPDATE: I have even tried doing the Enhance video option and that didn't help either

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