I have a website with multiple videos embedded within a slider. When the user clicks the video, it starts to play. Clicking the slider next or previous causes the video to stop playing and unload.

However, the unload command is breaking the players in Chrome. I took a look at the Vimeo API Playground, and the even hitting the unload button there was breaking the player.

When I say breaking the player, a number of different things happen. Sometimes the screen goes black and you can't play it again. Sometimes the timestamp over the timeline doesn't go away. Sometimes you can hear the video still playing, but the window goes black and there's no way to get it back.

I thought it was something wrong with my slider, but it works well in every other browser. Same goes for the API Playground. It works well in Firefox and Safari, but it breaks the player in Chrome.

Any idea why this is happening? I'm running Windows 7 and Chrome 16.0.912.77 m.

marin petrov

marin petrov

This is 1 year old thread. Is this working now ? I can't seem to find the page Brad provided.

Steven Robbins

Steven Robbins

The unload method isn't fully supported. I've run into issues on Firefox.

`player.element.contentWindow.location.reload();` wants to work, but you'll run into security errors. Use `player.element.src = player.element.src;` instead.

You could also use some jQuery: $(player.element).replaceWith($(player.element).clone());

You just have re-instantiate your Froogaloop object and events ( $f(iframe) )

Link: stackoverflow.com/q/19719339/763468

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