Humberto Silva

Humberto Silva


i would like to have a field on the API results that indicates if that clip is private or not so that i can include ou exclude private videos for some website.


when calling:

each "clip" node in that xml has several nodes like "title", "url", "clip_id", etc..

the idea is to add a node for private like "true" could be a filled/empty or true/false, etc..

This applied to xml, php, etc.. all formats

Thanks for your time

Adrian Rudnik

Adrian Rudnik

Maybe I'm mistaken, but using the SimpleApi you will not receive a single private video, because there is no way to authenticate, therefore vimeo would'nt know which ones private clips should be shown.

As for the Advanced API you always have the privacy tag delivered inside the appropriate container like this:

video id="285264" privacy="anybody" is_uploading="0" is_transcoding="0" is_hd="0" is_favorite="0"

Brad Dougherty

Brad Dougherty Staff

The Simple API may return private videos if the call is made on your computer when you are logged in to Vimeo.

I've made it so that it won't ever return these. It should update sometime later today.

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