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I am pleading for a couple of different searching options when it comes to the API. Currently it seems as though the API will pull back results from just your account if you authenticate. However, I need more options for searching within just my own organized videos.

I need to be able to pull back search results from Channels that I have created. So I am requesting

Similar to this, but more complicated. I'd like vimeo.videos.getByTag to have the option to pull back from within just my own videos and then also have a search query as well. Allowing me to organize videos by Tag and then search them.

I'm guessing the channel search would be much easier to implement and at least give us some ability to organize and then search within that organization.

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At first, I didn't think Vimeo even had something like this in place... as a search feature is not available on a Channel page. However, if you click on "### Videos ->" on the right side of a Channel page... you can then use the typical "Search Within These Results" that Vimeo shows elsewhere.

How is Vimeo doing this? Is this possible using the current API or something that needs to be opened up as requested above?

Brad Dougherty

Brad Dougherty Staff

We have plans to expand search in the future, but there are no direct plans at the moment.

Kristet Center Örebro

Kristet Center Örebro PRO

It seems like the don't search inside the tags at all only on video title and as it appears the title it had when i uploaded the video. I also would like to be able to search by tag inside my own acount.

Jim Bollansée

Jim Bollansée

It used to work.
It breaks every now and then. (Now it works half / somewhat.)
Which is very annoying, since one of my websites depends on it.

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