Mike Brown

Mike Brown

As a PRO user that is using the Vimeo API exclusively, I would like to remove the Vimeo logo on my uploaded videos.

I know I can manually do this via the Vimeo web ui. Is there a way to do this via a global setting in the panel or programatically?

I thought perhaps vimeo.videos.embed.setPreset might be a way to do it but there are no docs on what the Presets are and vimeo.videos.embed.getPresets does not return any values in either the playground or when called from my web app.

So I'm stuck.



Exactly this would also be very interesting for me!

CPD Online

CPD Online PRO

I'm trying to accomplish the same thing. In my case, getPresets returns a single preset with an ID and my username, but nothing that I can use in setPresets to remove the logo or anything else. Has anyone had any luck making this work?

CPD Online

CPD Online PRO

Shortly after I posted the above, I realized that I had misunderstood what "Presets" means in this context, and I suspect other people have too (e.g., everyone above). So I'm following up in order to clarify, because I haven't seen this documented anywhere.

When you get and set a preset, you're not referring to an individual variable (e.g., show or hide the Vimeo logo), but rather to a collection of presets that you have created via the web interface. So the steps to make this work are:

1. edit the embed settings for one of your existing videos -- when you have everything set the way you want it, click the "Create preset from these settings" button -- now you have a preset (i.e., a collection of settings) that can be accessed via the API

2. go to the API documentation for getPresets, then "Enter Playground" -- you can use the form to retrieve the ID of the preset you just created (you have to authenticate the call, obviously).

(Continued below...)

Link: developer.vimeo.com/apis/advanced/methods/vimeo.videos.embed.getPresets/playground

CPD Online

CPD Online PRO

3. Now that you have the preset ID, you can use setPreset to apply that preset to a video after you upload it.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

Tim Hargis

Tim Hargis Plus

That's great and all, but if I wanted to set customized text via an API call, there's no way to do that, correct? I need to set up something via the web interface, then do the 'getPresets' call to get the ID, and 'setPreset' to associate with the video. Are there any plans to open up the video embed API a bit more so that we can do things like set the text, change the color, hide the logo, etc?

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