Gaggo Meyer

Gaggo Meyer

Hi there, I have been trying for some hours now to get my head around the whole oAuth thing, but I don't seem to get it working. I want to retrieve thumbnails for private videos, using your advanced api. This is what I have right now:

$vimeo = new phpVimeo($consumer_key, $consumer_secret, $access_token, $access_token_secret);
$result = $vimeo->call('vimeo.videos.getThumbnailUrls', array('video_id ' => $video_id));

When I try it like this, I keep getting the error

"Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'VimeoAPIException' with message 'Invalid signature' ".

I'm absolutely positive that the keys and secrets are correct. Do I have to do more to make this thing work? Of course, it would be amazing to have an example where I just have to put in all my key data in and it works.

thanks in advance!

[edit] Also, can I somehow make code look nice, like in other forums? I've tried "code" and "pre" tags, but they don't work... thanks!

Fraser Hardy

Fraser Hardy

Also having exactly the same problem. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Fraser Hardy

Fraser Hardy

Ok, I am still having problems with this and need a solution asap. Is anyone at Vimeo maintaining the php library? Or does anyone know what the problem is and can help us fix it.


Roambi PRO

replace your result with this:

$video = $vimeo->call('vimeo.videos.getInfo', array('video_id' => $id));
$result = $video->video[0]->thumbnails->thumbnail[2]->_content;

*Set the thumbnail[x] to whatever size you want: 0 = small, 1=med, 2= large.

I hope this helps.


Eli Cohen

Eli Cohen Plus

Sorry I'm late...
Can anyone post the full call code?
All I get is: Invalid consumer key
I really need help!

Eli Cohen

Eli Cohen Plus

A friend helped me to get it...

$vid = 'vide id';
$key = 'your key';
$secret = 'your secret';

$vimeo = new phpVimeo($key, $secret);

$video = $vimeo->call('vimeo.videos.getInfo', array('video_id' => $vid));

$result0 = $video->video[0]->thumbnails->thumbnail[0]->_content;
$result1 = $video->video[0]->thumbnails->thumbnail[1]->_content;
$result2 = $video->video[0]->thumbnails->thumbnail[2]->_content;
#echo $result;

HTML starts here:
result0 is small
result1 is medium
result2 is large.


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