Human Bits

Human Bits

I see in that there was no access via API to the URLs for external players & downloads 10 months ago. Is this still valid today?

I am using the API to upload files to Vimeo and store the ID in the CMS, so when I visit the info I can play the video based on the ID. It is not possible for my customer to come to the Vimeo page and copy & paste the URL back to the CMS.

Is there any workaround? I have tested the API and there is no info about these links.


PS: I have access to a PRO account to do this.


NLC Production

NLC Production PRO

I second this question. Does anyone have an answer? I didn't see anything in any of the API documentation but even if there's an unsupported/unofficial way to get these that would be awesome!

Tommy Penner

Tommy Penner Staff

Yes, this is possible now with the new API. In the response for any /videos endpoint, you'll see a new "files" attribute that contains the mobile, SD, HD, and HLS playlist URLs. The "files" attribute is only revealed for videos on your own account.

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