Comphy Co.

Comphy Co. PRO

6 hours later and the simple act of getting a single, medium size thumbnail from the current account is a mystery.

This is a Vimeo Pro account. The current Drupal plugin I am using works just fine with everything EXCEPT it cannot get the thumbnails by itself. I have reviewed the code, the examples here and read the API's and I am still in the dark about which API it suppose to be using and how to retrieve this simple, easy file.

Vimeo Pro account has only one testing portfolio. Video in the portfolio is set to private (as there is no other choice unless I use a password, which is 100% opposed to the use we intent)

Would I be able to EXTRACT the thumbnail from it? Using which API?

I even tried my own PHP implementation using the examples in this site and others, but in all cases Vimeo simply does not return a thumbnail URL. Ever. Empty.

Can a staff member throw this paying client a bone?

Comphy Co.

Comphy Co. PRO

I saw that. My case is a bit different than yours, but all the same.

So bizarre that something this simple would so incerdibly complicated.


Rxplainer PRO

Same problem here. Drupal module Media:Vimeo extracts thumbnails from free account, but not PRO? Please help.

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