Fabrik Plus

Currently we're using the OEmbed API to load individual videos from Vimeo.

We now have a requirement to have a collection of videos display in a loop, so when one video finishes, the other starts.

Question 1:
Assuming we load the first video using OEmbed, is it possible to then control this using the Javascript API?

Question 2:
Assuming we have an instance of the player on the page (either using OEmbed or embedding the iframe) is it possible to subscribe to a video "end" event and then programatically load a different video?

Basically I want to create something like Hubnut, but much, much simpler.

CMD Amsterdam

CMD Amsterdam PRO

Hello 'fabrik',

We are looking for a solution for this too....any luck so far?


Fabrik Plus

We developed our own solution for this. The OEmbed API has an option for enabling the JavaScript player API on the embedded player (api=1). Once the video iframe is rendered we use the froogaloop library (github.com/vimeo/player-api/tree/master/javascript) to attach events for when the video has finished. Then it's just a case of loading the next video when the event fires.

Susan McKenna

Susan McKenna

I would be interested in a solution for this as well. We are doing something like this and Hubnut combined. WE want to:

1) Allow our viewers to set up their own play lists
2) SElect videos that we've embedded in our site into their playlists
3) play that playlist consecutively and without interruption (like the HubNut app does already for Albums)


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