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I am developing a website that embeds Vimeo videos. I have videos automatically uploaded through dropbox and I want the website to programatically list the new videos. The problem is, the videos are not public, so using the standard API link doesn't work (only public videos list in the XML/JSON output).

I have the videos set to "embed only on sites I choose", and I was hoping that maybe there would be some way to have the API output all videos "...only on sites I choose" or something. Maybe there is some way to make the videos public, but not watchable....

Any help on this matter would be fantastic.

Crafty Codr Inc

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Ah, nevermind, I have the answer:

If your videos are private, you will need to use the Advanced API. If your video is set to hide from, but is embeddable, you may also be able to use oEmbed.

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