Lee Forkenbrock

Lee Forkenbrock


We have an app that is using the Advanced API. The system is uploading it to Vimeo, but it never finishes. In addition, the title of the video becomes "Untitled"

This system has always worked in the past. Just recently it stopped work. Roughly 2 days ago. I noticed an issue on your site that was similar, so I'm hoping that the issue just may still remain on the API.

Please look into this when you get a chance. Also, feel free to contact me directly with more direct questions and URLs to videos that have this issue.



Lee Forkenbrock

Lee Forkenbrock

Deeper investigating shows that the Video is being uploaded, but the wierd part is that 2 Vimeo IDs are being generated.

The first vimeo ID contains the Video and a 2nd ID (incremented by 1) has the info for the movie.

Very weird.

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