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A page on my site is automatically loaded with the 10 newest videos from an specific album. I use the advanced API with OAuth to do this, fixed user tokens (because it's a fixed album).

This has worked great for me for 3-4 months but suddenly today (or yesterday?) it stopped working. The response I get from my API call is empty. I use PHP with the vimeo php library.

I've made an exact copy of the code and put it on another host: it worked flawlessly.

So there are two options I can think of: vimeo somehow blocked my domain, for some reason?
(do they even block domains when using oauth? Don't they just block the 'apps'?). Or my host changed something...

But I have no clue what could have changed on host-level to stop the API from working.

All the rest of my php works, and i'm storing the API result locally and it only gets refreshed each day (at most), so it's not that i'm sending too many API requests...

Does this sound formiliar to anyone?

Sam Heijens

Sam Heijens Plus

So apparantly, because the vimeo API (and probably the site also) is hosted in the amazon cloud, and there have been a lot of DDOS attack from the amazon cloud, the latter is being blocked by my host.

Time to look out for another host then...

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