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Alex_Higuera a6000 or RX100 IV??? active 2
Martin Sproul Plus
matt wolfe [cc] Canon 7D CF corrupted files active 149
Adam Marsh Plus
Dusty Whitford Basic Compression active 1
Dusty Whitford
CreativeProShow Advice on which camera to buy for recording screen during events active 1
CreativeProShow Plus
Les Garwood Convert .swf to .mov? active 13
Tom Biggart Editting after upload active 2
James Laughlin PRO
Patrick camera resolution and HD
by Patrick
active 2
Dave Baker
4Moorhens2 Re-wrap AVCHD to mp4 with FFmbc active 17
Filmstro Pro Soundtrack Creation Suite for Filmmakers active 1
Filmstro Pro Plus
Kaye Thomas PowerPoint with animations active 3
Kaye Thomas
videomakers Would anyone recommend a free converter? I need to convert xavc files to prores shot with a RX10 II active 3
Phantom Fan
Michael Couch Slow motion camera advice active 3
Phantom Fan
Andrew J. Etheridge Music Use active 4
Phantom Fan
John Reynolds Two way video recording possible? active 1
John Reynolds PRO
Kim Vesterlund Convert .MXF into .MOV active 40
ron mooski
Qimbera HD Shoot 50P & FX vs FH active 1
Qimbera PRO
escenadigital Royalty-free music active 2
Andrew J. Etheridge
Sean Carlsen upload dvd to vimeo on mac?? active 5
Faith Baptist Plus
David contreras Advice, ideas and tips on how to shoot video/photos for a reunion active 5
videomakers Plus


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