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Sam Krauser Good Monopod....On a budget active 22
Sam Krauser
olasapo adobe premier is it the best editing software
by olasapo
active 3
Perrone Ford
Miná Minov fast mts trim software? active 5
Bob vg Cf card storage
by Bob vg
active 3
Perrone Ford
Kim Aronson Camera supporting both PAL and NTSC? active 6
Freelance Films Canon 7d Kit Lenses active 8
Perrone Ford
Christopher Holden Mathews Student Filmmaker Camera Purchase Advice? active 8
Christopher Holden Mathews
David Simans Video Editing using Adobe Premier for AVCHD Video (.MTS) active 10
Etienne Grenier
Evan Lins Convert 30p to 24p active 1
Evan Lins
Foxed Productions Best export for 7D ProRes footage? active 4
Oskar Svensson
Sandcastle Pictures Colorspace.... How can I preserve colors from editor to Vimeo version? active 2
Oskar Svensson
David Paul Carr "Archive" export from Premiere Pro? active 2
Oskar Svensson
Alin Gheorghe I'm just a begginer active 9
Matty Brown Plus
Danny Harmon Videographers dumping Camcorders for DSLR's? active 21
T. Mash
Joe RedBird Saraceno iphone active 1
Joe RedBird Saraceno
afatfilms Lens getting fogged up active 1
afatfilms Plus
Dwiraj Bose Best possible workflow for working together on music and editing across geographic location.. active 3
Article19 Plus
Sam Krauser Low Budget Production Value active 7
KiraboFoundation.org Great 50mm 1.4 option. active 1
Dwiraj Bose Zoon H4n Audio recorder settings for Nikon D300s at 24 fps active 4
Dwiraj Bose


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