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Thomas Valente HOW DO I CREATE the orange/red/yellow transition? active 3
Thomas Valente Plus
steve jones Nikon D90 giving poor video picture quality active 4
steve jones
Chad Davis FCP 4.5 + OS X 10.3.9 +T2i = Success? active 4
Scott Pearson Video Plus
Maxim Kuschpel Best settings to "vimeo" 90 minutes HD? active 2
Oskar Svensson
john cliff export settings for interim export of 1920 x 1080 footage in Premiere Pro CS4 active 1
john cliff Plus
Jimandtonic Best place to sell and buy used equipment (UK,Europe) active 1
Jimandtonic PRO
Mark Jacinto What is ProRes 422 all about? Workflow? active 5
Mark Jacinto
james curtis Another 7D/T2i Lens Question Thread active 6
Perrone Ford
David Ahmed AVCHD video editing computer active 20
Jeff Adams
Doychev Canon 7d,GoProHD-Problem with fast SPORT objects.
by Doychev
active 8
james curtis
Kevin A burn to dvd
by Kevin A
active 2
matt wolfe [cc] Plus
Jeremy Hoare Premiere Pro? active 7
Jeremy Hoare
BRYAN M. FERGUSON Destroyed FX active 5
Tio Dave
James Pearson 7D + Final Cut Express for Amateurs (Like Me) active 7
Matt Pavel
CAMRISE highest quality export from FCP active 2
Ryan Hansen
Egg Media UK Vegas is going in the bin. Is premiere good for editing 7D footage? active 20
Video by Wes Plus
wandering films Dark Edges + Blurred Effect on Videos active 3
Kain & Abel
Edna Free Flip HD video camera!
by Edna
active 1
Seba007 PC Harware for editing AVCHD with Sony Vegas?
by Seba007
active 3
Justin Plevinski I've got an HMC40 and $1000, what should I invest in? active 6
Sergiu Barsan


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