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Jrbazil Panasonic HDC-HS300, Canon HF S10, i need something better. active 2
Paulo Teixeira Plus
Tom Maher AVCHD and MAC/ FCP active 4
Brandon Maline
Nick Watkins Panasonic dvx100a or something else? active 3
aaron l Plus
Fabulous Rice Homemade Lenspieces active 2
aaron l Plus
Dave Editing Software choice
by Dave
active 7
Bill Newsinger HV30 Stills advice active 3
Santo W Plus
rak Any Flip Ultra HD owners? Disk format, FAT16 or FAT32?
by rak
active 2
cornel pascu Driver til Canon Vixia HG 21 active 3
Paul Dolan Plus
cornel pascu Canon hg 21 NTSC or PAL active 5
cornel pascu
Eric Buist Looking for a new camera, thoughts? active 4
Paul W. Rankin
robert lewis HV-30: a good choice for editing and uploading? active 23
robert lewis
inda bebe help w/ premiere cs4 active 8
Perrone Ford
Jim Cancil Flip HD vs Vado ...side-by-side active 8
Jim Cancil
☣Christian Morales ™ ✌ Canon HF10 + Mac is it possible? active 11
Mark Espina
Paulo Cezar Martins canon hf s10 active 2
Mark Swistek
sk Best Lowlight settings for Canon HF S10???
by sk
active 2
Mark Swistek
opendoor Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 active 2
Perrone Ford
Josh NAthan Canon HV30 for cheap active 3
Josh NAthan
Dave J Samsung SC-MX20. Quality issues.
by Dave J
active 4
Perrone Ford
afatfilms Choices.. what would you suggest? active 13


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