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The Guide Video Compression Nightmare! active 3
Attila Nemeth
Cole Chisholm Compressing 35min+ video @ 720x480 under 500mb...possible??? active 4
MHJ Adobe premiere CS4 : simple for you, unsolvable for me !
by MHJ
active 5
E. Plasencia
Vivian Completely lost!
by Vivian
active 11
Perrone Ford
ead saa Cake decoration with konkrua group,Bangkok Thailand.
by ead saa
active 1
ead saa
Paul Dolan what is better, 1Gb of a .mpg file or 167 mb of a .wmv file active 6
Paul Dolan PRO
Rich Parubrub Need help buying a camcorder and external microphone active 11
Perrone Ford
cloudsandsea help! i-movie to vimeo active 2
Perrone Ford
Patrick Fager Beginner looking for some information active 2
Perrone Ford
Rdigital Films Litepanels Micro info active 1
Rdigital Films
DMS Films MPEG-4 Export Settings? active 2
Gary Nelson HDMI adapter for FlipHD active 1
Gary Nelson
Evelyn Rose Help Conversion Lens Stuck on HV40!!! active 3
codegeassman sony mpegmovievx 5.1 megapixel cybershot active 1
Jon Baker Help understanding crop factors active 2
Perrone Ford
VJ RAMSEY FINAL CUT PRO HELP~!~ Exporting settings please.. active 3
Hologram Fields
The Rusted Pixel Need help with an animation please active 2
Matt Anthony Plus
Jean-Pierre Caner 4:3 (720 x 480) MiniDV Squished active 3
Perrone Ford
Nik Skavinsky Canon HG20: 25pf vs 50i active 1
Nik Skavinsky
SHARPIE Single Hue Color Correction
active 2
Perrone Ford


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