Paula Mack

Paula Mack

In the video linked below, you will see a an animated figure that is the subject of this post. It's entire body is blue, it has white teeth, two arms, two legs and white eyes. I'm new to the world of video editing, and for several weeks I've been wondering about a wonderful video like this one, a video that has this type of animated character (I'll call the character I'm referring to "Blue Guy"). This is what I've been wondering:

1) Could you create Blue Guy with Vegas Pro? Or would you need to use another editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Avid Media Composer in order to create Blue Guy?

2) What is the technique called that the video editor used to create Blue Guy? In other words, what 2, 3, or 4 keywords would you type into Google in order to find videos, tutorials and information that would teach a newbie how to make Blue Guy?

I've watched a lot of Vegas tutorials at Youtube, there are hundreds of them. Odd, none of them show you how to make something lik


Paula Mack

Paula Mack

Sorry for the mix-up! It appears Blue Guy is gone. I may have confused some people out there. The reason for the confusion is that the video editor switched videos and replaced the video that Blue Guy was in with a completely different video. Blue Guy is gone but the new video has an animated character in it too. Instead of Blue Guy there's an animated robot in the new video. The robot is cute as a button. It has a number on it. That number is 06. You'll see that number at the bottom of the robot. There's only one robot in the new video, so the number is kinda irrelevant. In the new video you'll see that the animated robot appears at the 8s mark and runs to the 25s mark. Sorry for the confusion, but that's the Internet for you, it can be pretty fluid at times :) :) The two questions I posed in the thread starter, questions about Blue Guy, now pertain to to the adorable little robot.

Animated robot:


Alturas Plus

In brief, the answer to your question is " No ".
It's 3d animation. Vegas Pro and the other software you mention are used for editing. They are not configured, ( or designed ), for creating animation.
You would need 3D modelling software, such as Cinema 4D, and the time and skills to create and animate your figure.
Google " Greyscalegorilla ", and look it up here on Vimeo. Nick Campbell will walk you through some builds, but you need a decent computer, the right software and time and patience :o)

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