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Hey guys,

Any recommendations for national crewing services/companies that welcome DSLR shooters?
And by that, I mean DSLR shooters who know what they are doing and can do corporate or broadcast style work as well as creative/artsy style work with their DSLRs.

These are the one's that I'm aware of :

SmartShoot (I really like their new RFP system and highly recommend anyone at least giving it a try. Average job = $200, RFP system typically pays $400+ per job)
StudioNow (They do a lot of work, but don't pay much. Average job = $255)
GeoBeats (They don't pay much either. Average job = $125)

I'm hoping that people can add to this list. I'm not interested in contest based companies like or Poptent. I'm looking for companies that need videographers to shoot real jobs and pay real money, even if that money is "below industry standards". Hopefully you aren't afraid of sharing your secret revenue source with the Vimeo community.


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