Hi folks,

Newbie here - guidance much appreciated in advance.

I'm uploading a small collection of training videos, which I would like to 'top and tail' with my own little video sting. I was hoping that there would be a friendly way of doing this within Vimeo - rather than having to edit each and every video before uploading (and indeed having to re-upload the whole thing should the sting details change).

The only thing I could find close to this is the Text/html option at the outro - am I missing anything, or do I just have to do it the long hard way?



Ceres Project

Ceres Project PRO

Looking for the same thing. I would like to add a 16 sec video logo to my already uploaded videos.

Nate Bartlett

Nate Bartlett

Regarding your uploaded videos, you can reupload to the same URL. Not the same as automatically adding something to the beginning, but you don't lose your view count or likes or anything.

john cliff

john cliff Plus

freeware such as Format Factory allows you to trim ends (top & tail) then re-encode - find it under the "Advanced" tab at the side

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