steve wilson

steve wilson

Does anyone know of a program that is capable of taking an HD static artwork image as input, and outputting an MP4 video file with flying logos and text, and the ability to Zoom in and out of a designated focal point in the image (not just the center) and Pan across the image? Please see the graphics on this link: to see examples of the effects I would like to reproduce. I’m currently demoing a program called “Flypaper”, but it does not seem to support the pan and zoom requirements. Powerpoint does the flying text and transitions extremely well, but doesn't pan and zoom either. Thank you in advance.


Mikey Perry

Mikey Perry Staff

Sorry, we can't provide any recommendation regarding video editing tools. Please do some more research online.

steve wilson

steve wilson

Thanks Mikey, but that's the problem, it's trial and error to download software, try it out, determine that it can't do what I need, and then move on. I would hope that someone on this forum knows video and can make a suggestion for Windows-7 that meets the requirements above, without any potentially mistaken need to be completely vendor-neutral. Since I'm a video novice I could use some guidance from the experts here, please.


Mark Staff

I'm going to move this to the cameras + editing forum and maybe someone can help you there.

Dave Baker

Dave Baker

Any decent NLE should do what you want. I only have experience with Sony Vegas Pro for Windows, but I'm sure the others will do the same. You can import stills and set them to the length you want on the timeline, the zoom and pan plugin will allow you to pan around the picture and zoom into or out of anywhere in the frame you want. Flying text and logos are done on a different track.


Nash Plus

you will need some exp with key frame concept and after that any decent video editing software that supports key frame can do the job. majority of the video editors will come with some sort of preset that will let you add zoom in zoom out plus with the help of key frame you can achieve the panning and zooming as well.

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