Tiago Moreno

Tiago Moreno


how can I improve this video? Notice that my intention was in fact just putting together scenes from trips, nothing fancy, but in a way that would be inspiring for those who watch. Soon I will make a much bigger one with interviews and other footages.

I just edited the basics (transitions, saturation, exposure, speeding)... any suggestions? ANY critic/opinion/judgment will be appreciated Thankyou in advance

obs.: shot with a canon eos 7d

Caleb O'Halloran

Caleb O'Halloran

Pretty solid shots. If it was me, I'd add some vignettes to most of those shots, but that's just my personal preference.

Link: calebohalloran.com

Newfly Films

Newfly Films Plus

wow great video and awesome quality from your 7D! What lenses were used? I would throw in longer transitions effects during the slower parts of the song. Stick with the cross dissolve, but a film burn transition would look great with this video as well.

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