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We at Divergent Media are looking to test some sample footage from a bunch of different cameras. We want footage straight from your camera, not run through any sort of editing system. Ideally, we are looking for footage that is NOT from an AVC or AVCHD file structure, so your .raw, .mov, .r3d, etc, footage.

Examples of camera types we are looking for (but not limited to) are:
*Any model of the Nikon DSLR series
*Any model of the Canon DSLR series
*Any BlackMagic camera model
*Any GoPro model
*Contour Action Camera
*Mobius Action Camera
*Recent Samnsung Galaxy phone and tablet models
*Recent iPhone and iPad models

Please re-name your files so we know the camera it comes from when it comes time to test it:
[camera manufacturer name]_[camera model]_sample.[file extension]

You can upload the files directly to our website using the following link: uploads.divergentmedia.com/submitfile/caseid/8751613/true

Thank you in advance for your help!

Link: uploads.divergentmedia.com/submitfile/caseid/8751613/true

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