Oskar Svensson

Oskar Svensson

Haven't looked at this forum for over a year but I see that this is still a frequent question and I don't think anyone have provided an answer yet so I looked into it and my conclusion is that the problem is with QTplayer. QT forces gamma 1.8 for h264 videos instead of 2.2 which is now standard for both mac and PC. This might be old news for some, but it's still a frequent question so I thought that I might as well post it.

Here is an exampel oi57.tinypic.com/116nnk9.jpg As you can see the gamma is the same in MPC as it is in the viewfinder in adobe premiere, and that dark area to right is pretty close to black so QT is displaying it the wrong, not the other way around. There could be other factors for some, but I think this is the main reason why people found their videos to be "crushed" when uploaded or why they look washed out after export. Have anyone had this problem that is not using QT?

Don't use QT for h264 playback if you don't have a gamma fix for it.

Jayasri Hart

Jayasri Hart PRO

Oddly enough, QT 7.00 had a preference setting where the player could be made to match the default FCP 7 gamma setting of 2.2. It also displays 4:3 DV correctly. So I'm holding on to it. QT 10 doesn't seem to be customizable in any meaningful way.

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