Jakub Misiak

Jakub Misiak

Hi Everyone,

I use Panasonic Lumix TZ7 camera which has an option of recording movies in HD. To be precise it can record a video in AVCHD Lite ( 1280 X 720, 50p, 17Mbps ) format. Videos which I have recorded with that camera I edit in Studio 14 HD - the latest version of that program.

Recently I have encountered some problems with editing of videos recorded in AVCHD Lite format.

After I had moved a video on the movie timeline it worked normally. I cut it and decided to add some effects. I choosed 'Speed Effect' which I put on the video. Then I choosed 'Speed Effect - Reverse" option which I executed on the video. I had expected that clip would be seen in a reverse mode. Unfortunately it didn't. After few frames it crashed.

I did a test. I recorded a video in Motion JPEG format ( 1280 X 720, 30 fps ) and then applied the same effect as before. Clip was reversed successfully.

How I can fix the problem with AVCHD Lite format ?

Thanks for Help,


Alan McDonley

Alan McDonley

Studio 14 is confused by the Panasonic "Frame Doubled" format. Your options:
1) convert AVCHD lite outside of Studio14 to AVI or Cineform, edit the converted rushes.
2) Record in Motion JPEG (and complain to Pinnacle till they fix framedoubled import)
3) Dump Pinnacle (like I did after upgrading a million times)
4) Dump Panasonic Camera

See this thread (I have same camera):

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